Three Vietnamese Writers And Artists Will Visit Denmark

Three Vietnamese writers and artists Ms. Ngoc Anh, Ms. Ta Thi Huong Ly and Mr. Ta Huy Long from Kim Dong Publishing House will participate in the international children book workshop, “Good stories for children all over the world” in Denmark from 6 September to 9 September, 2008. The workshop is arranged by The Danish Writers Association, the International Committee and the Writers of Books for children and young people with the aim to create a story and a storyboard for a picture book that will be published later. Joining the workshop will be writers and artist from Chile, Finland, Nepal, Norway, Sweden and Vietnam.

The visit to the workshop of 3 Vietnamese writers and artists is part of the project Children Literature, one of seven components in the Development Cooperation in Culture (DCC) of the Embassy of Denmark. As a part of the Danish cultural assistance to Vietnam, the project was initiated in 2006 to support the development of Vietnamese children’s literature, appeal to children and strengthen their imagination and critical sense via such initiatives as the Fairytale Express that brings the literature directly to the children around the country. Another aim of the Project includes the strengthening of the capacity of Vietnamese authors and illustrators as well as the use of children’s books in education in schools and within the family.

Speaking about Danish support in developing children literature in Vietnam, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Peter Lysholt Hansen emphasizes the importance of children literature, believing that “a vivid imagination is an important life skill that needs to be encouraged in children, since imagination and creativity is an approach to life and so important for children, when growing up and at the same time important qualifications in the modern globalized world’.


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