Police chief: Was bride involved in killing of Swedish fiance in Quirino?

Was a 25-year-old bride-to-be involved in the killing of her Swedish fiance?
That’s what Chief Inspector Danilo Dasugo, police chief of this capital town of Quirino province, has been turning over in his mind, finding the woman’s narration of the incident in conflict with the evidence gathered with probers.
Magnus Ottosen, a 58-year-old reefer truck operator from Kvindinge, Sweden, was set to marry Michelle inez, whom he met while she was working at a cell phone shop in Ermita, Manila.
The couple arrived here September 12 from Manila, taking a flight to the Tuguegarao airport in Cagayan, to prepare for their wedding. They stayed at the woman’s family home in Barangay Gundaway.
Last Monday (September 15), Ottosen had a drinking session at his fiancee’s house with her relatives and neighbors.
According to Michelle’s earlier statements to police, Ottosen’s drinking buddies had gone home when a masked assailant barged in about an hour later and demanded the Swede to hand over his money. They wrestled until the assailant was able to stab Ottosen 18 times in different parts of his body. Then he fled with about P2.5 million in cash.
Only Michelle and her mother were left with the Swede at home.
But on further investigation, police found Michelle’s narration of events in conflict with evidence they had gathered.
“I find the statements of Ottosen’s fiancée confusing,” said Chief Inspector Danilo Dasugo, Cabarroguis police chief.
Probers found no evidence that a commotion ever happened between Ottosen and the alleged intruder, leading them to suspect that the killer is known to the Inez family.
Police also opined that there was a possibility that the suspect is known to the Inez family.
“Our investigation bared that the fiancee’s narration of the events seem to be incredible,” Dasugo said. “In fact, the suspect might even be known to her It is also possible that the suspect had stabbed the victim while he was sleeping.”
According to earlier reports, Ottosen bragged about his money. But probers found out that only a few actually knew of Ottosen’s presence in Gundaway village here, let alone his having a lot of money with him.
“It may be that people around here are the ones responsible for this,” he added.
The police already have several suspects, according to Senior Superintendent Romualdo Zingapan, Quirino provincial police chief. But he declined to identify as they were still gathering more evidence.


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