SEB Seminar On Investing In The Midst Of The Credit Crunch

Even though
the global outlook is very bleak, there are still good opportunities for
investing a part of your finances in assets around the globe. That was the main
lesson from Swedish SEB at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit recently.

    The rumble
on the financial markets during early September was of course the main theme of
the seminar, but with a focus on what this will mean for the real economic
growth around the world in the years to come. Magnus Prim, Chief Asia
Strategist SEB Merchant Banking, estimated that we had only seen half of the
total write-offs on bank balance sheet yet, and it could become much harder for
the financial markets to cope with the other half still to come. On that
background, he believed that 2009 would be the year when the economic situation
is worst hit by the turmoil.

the good news was that Asia probably would not be affected very much directly
from the bust on the US
housing market and the closings of major US financial banks. The downturn
will mostly affect Asia and Thailand
through falling exports demand to the rest of the world when the global growth
falls in 2009.

    On that
background SEB, which is a leading Northern European financial services
provider for corporations, financial institutions and private individuals, presented
a couple of their financial products showing the breadth of investment
opportunities at the moment. You could go into the risky business with possible
high rates of returns buying up assets in corporation suffering in the global
credit crunch or investing your money more safely in highly diversified funds
with good track records of creating stable wealth.

    As Lars Friberg, Head of
Wealth Management SEB Wealth Management – Luxembourg, said “it all depends on
your own situation and the risk that you are willing to take”. 


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