60 Danes Died In Thailand This Year

It can be dangerous to travel to Thailand. This year alone already 60 Danes has returned from the Asian country in a coffin compared with last year. It shows figures, the Foreign Ministry has made available for the Danish tabloid BT
“Unfortunately, there is a surge of Danes who die in Thailand. Most deaths are retirees who live here for a longer period. There are not many charter tourists”, Attaché Tove Wihlborg-Andersen at the Danish Embassy in Bangkok says.
Thailand has evolved into a haven for older Danes, who under palms get pensions to last longer.
Many die of natural causes. But traffic and the blue sea are also big killers.
“A quarter of the incidents are coursed by an accident, included many by drowning. The traffic is also difficult for the Danes. In particular, is goes really bad on rented motorcycles”, said Tove Wihlborg-Andersen.
European Travel Insurance urges Danes to stay away from leased vehicles in Thailand.
“We see far too many Danes having accidents on the roads. Use the taxis, says May Ellegaard, who manage the travel insurance office in Thailand.
In addition, each year older Danes die from sex chock in Thailand. A cocktail of VIAGRA like products, a fragile health and beautiful young women can make the heart to succumb by overwork.
“But we do not keep the books on that type of cases”, said May Ellegaard. The Nordic region’s largest emergencies, SOS International in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, are experiencing deaths among older Danes who die during intercourses in Thailand.
“We get medical records about Danish men in the 70s, which are brought to hospital with cardiac arrest by a young Thai woman. And with Viagra in the blood”, says an employee of SOS International.

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