Nordlux Combine Business And Social Responsibility

Danish design, performance, safety and health and foreign aid combined, in a synthesis of a project that the Aalborg based lamp manufactory Nordlux has started in cooperation with a Vietnamese partner and Danida.
At the factory in Ho Chi Minh City is less than 30 employees trained to produce lamps intended for the European market. The first products have just left Vietnam for later to arrive in Denmark.
A significant part of the project is about how to get the employees tot understand the quality requirements in Europe.
“The Vietnamese worker is willing to do their best, but there are obviously great culture differences when it comes to quality standards in a developing country such as Vietnam and Denmark. What is right out there, is not a standard, we can use in Europe, says marketing manager at Nordlux, Peder B. Sorensen, who has similar experience with production in China.
With support from Danida has the Aalborg The company therefore employed a Danish supervisor with knowledge of Vietnam and its traditions. And according to Peder B. Sørensen, that step has raised the quality to a satisfactory level:
“It’s all about getting our quality standards incorporated into the daily routine”, says the marketing manager.
For Nordlux, it is however not just to combine quality with a cheaper production in a country with low wages. The company also sees its engagement in Vietnam as a way to take responsibility for development for the benefit of poor countries’ citizens.
“It is our position that Denmark should be a pioneer in the development of developing countries, and therefore we have launched cooperation with the factory in Vietnam. We are well ahead of their development, so it is our duty to share our knowledge further”, he said.
In the start-up period Danida support the project with money (The editor: Danidas B2B programme) that is earmarked to create jobs in developing countries and to train and educate employees in quality standards and sustainable production.
“Collaboration with Danida has been good since the organization is a highly competent”, says Peder B. Sørensen.
As a part of the project The factory has undergone a modernization.

One of the first steps was to set up toilets according to western standards.
“That created a great enthusiasm among the staff. Several of them have taken their families with them to the factory to show them the new toilets”, said Peder B. Sørensen.
Another important improvement is a grinding room with extraction and vacuum.
Grinding of metal was normally done without any kind ventilation. Now the factory meets the European Union’s standards for safety and health.

“But this kind of policies of good working conditions has helped us to attract labour. Therefore, other managers in Vietnam follow suit”, he said.

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