Vikings – BSL Youth 4-3

In the third game of the season Vikings faced the BSL Youth. This was a special game since Vikings have given BSL some heavy defeats in the last couple of seasons but with a strong start to the season and some impressive pre-season wins the BSL was out for revenge. Also this was Bjerner’s last game for the Vikings and the only acceptable going away present would be a win – so the stakes were high as kick off approached.
Vikings brought a strong squad and from the beginning took control of the game, pressuring BSL inside their own half. Danger man Ruj who returned from injury broke away from the defense but his effort was saved by the keeper. Chris won the ball on the left side as BSL was about to move forward and hit an excellent cross that Jannik headed home. 1-0 to the Vikings.
After the goal BSL came back into the game and enjoyed some more possession. After getting through some Viking slide tackles, a great effort from their strong central midfielder ended up with the equalizer. 1-1.
Vikings still played well and kept up the pressure. Often BSL was forced to give away corners or throw-ins which is more or less the same thing with Martin playing.
One of Martins monster throws was flicked on by Chris and as the BSL failed to clear the ball Jannik had an easy tap in. 2-1 and Vikings were back in the lead.
Not long after Vikings used the same recipe with a long throw from Martin, flick on by Chris and goal by Jannik. The BSL looked unable to find any answers against this lethal combination!
3-1 and the Vikings looked to be cruising. Breitner had a great header that went just wide and BSL didn’t look too dangerous. Unfortunately the referee had an off day and didn’t object when a BSL player scored on a header after jumping into Andreas. So at halftime the score was 3-2 and the game still wide open. Vikings could probably have deserved a bigger lead after a good first half performance.
In second half the BSL managed to put a lot of pressure on the Vikings. Many of the Vikings players looked tired and couldn’t really get any possession. The pressure amounted in another BSL goal after a tricky shot that caught Andreas on the wrong foot. 3-3 and suddenly BSL appeared to have all the momentum.
Of course Vikings never give up and especially not in a game of such importance. After a corner kick the BSL once again failed to clear the ball and Stein was able to head home from close range. 4-3 and Vikings were back in the lead.
Last part of the second half was one big BSL pressure but still Vikings had a couple of chances with Udom and Ruj trying to break away. Richard took a yellow card when a BSL striker would otherwise have been on his way towards goal. Travis received his second yellow so in the last five minutes Vikings had to do with only 10 players. In the end the BSL couldn’t turn their possession into goals so Vikings got their first victory of the season and a proper going away present for Bjerner.
A great team performance with all players fighting hard.
The Vikings lineup: Andreas; Travis, Richard, Breitner, Stein; Jannik, Martin, Chris, Lars; Ruj, Mofok.Subs: Tim, Udom, Bjerner, Mattias, Thomas
Man of the match: Jannik.
Match report: Jannik


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