Danish Tourists Caught Up In Hotel Room Theft

In the early hours of Monday Morning, Police Lieutenant Egadit from Dongtan Police Sub-Station based on Jomtien Beach was called to the Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel to investigate a suspected break-in. The officer made his way to three rooms on the 6th Floor and spoke with the foreign occupants of each room. Forced entry had been made to each room and room safe boxes had been broken into.
Russian and Danish Tourists occupying the rooms confirmed that they returned after spending the night in Jomtien. The Danish Tourist was lucky and had nothing stolen, however the Russian Tourists confirmed to Police that between them, 1,750 Euros, 1,900 US Dollars, 600 Russian Rubels, a Digital Camera, a gold necklace worth 40,000 Baht and a mobile phone had been stolen.
Police removed fingerprint impressions from the scene and CCTV images, which are currently being analyzed. Police have indicated to us that a foreign group of men, known to have committed similar thefts around Pattaya, may be involved in the break-in, however no further details were forthcoming. The investigation continues

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