New B2B Appointment In Vietnam

The B2B Joint Venture between Segmenta A/S and CMC Corp. has been signed a partnership agreement with SAP Asia Pacific making them official partner to provide SAP All-in-One solutions on the Vietnamese market.
    Segmenta-CMC is a B2B supported Joint Venture between Danish Segmenta A/S and Vietnamese CMC Corporation. The two partners met each other at the ICT delegation hosted by the Embassy of Denmark in April 2007 and since then, the Embassy has supported the partnership with 1 million DKK (200.000 USD). An objective of the B2B Programme is to establish Joint Ventures with 50/50 % ownership, in order to insure equal involvement from both the Vietnamese and Danish partner. Segmenta-CMC is a perfect example of this being far the most effective ownership form.
    Segmenta-CMC obtained their Joint Venture license in February this year and therefore being appointed as SAP Partner is an important milestone for the new partnership. SAP Asia Pacific has just in April 2007 opened an office in Hanoi and only a handful of reseller companies have been appointed in Vietnam.
    The agreement means that SAP will support Segmenta-CMC in human resource training and further develop their capabilities and skills. Segmenta-CMC plans to double the number of consultants in Vietnam on the basis of their agreement with SAP. Danish Ambassador, Mr. Peter Lysholt Hansen, said at the ceremony; “I am confident that this new partnership agreement will greatly benefit the further development of the Segmenta-CMC Joint Venture”.
    Segmenta-CMC specializes in providing services for SAP ERP solutions. Segmenta-CMC has since this year participated in projects of Segmenta A/S in Denmark by providing outsourcing services from Vietnam. Employees have been sent from Vietnam to Denmark in order to improve their skills
    For more information about this partnership and the B2B programme, please contact B2B Coordinator Le Thi Thanh Loan.

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