Politicians Warn Against The Royal Visit To Thailand

The Danish Royal family should not be subject to political games in Thailand. The Social Democrats in Denmark believe that the Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary should cancel the planned visit to the Asian Kingdom. The Danish Royal family should simply not be subject to political games in Thailand, writes the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
The Social Democrats foreign policy spokesman Jeppe Kofod, therefore demand that the Danish government cancels a planned visit to Thailand, where the Royals will have an audience with H.M The King of Thailand.
The cancellation demand is rooted in the current political unrest in Thailand.
 “The government should immediately cancel the visit. I fear that the Danish Royal family will be subject to political games in Thailand. The King supported only a few years ago an anti-democratic coup, and it is strongly suggested that he now supports the undemocratic forces in the country, trying to dismiss the democratically elected government and impose an undemocratic regime. Denmark should not signal that we support the undemocratic forces, but should instead work for democracy and freedom in the world”, said Jeppe Kofod.
The visit is planned to take place from November 24- 26, 2008 during which time the Danish Royals will head a major Danish trade promotion event in Thailand. The Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller (K) will also participate as a representative from the official Denmark.

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