Sentenced to ten years in Denmark – after four years in Thailand

Henrik Lunk, a Danish criminal who spent close to four year in a Bangkok prison trying to avoid being deported back to Denmark, but eventually lost the battle, was on Friday 31 October sentenced to ten years imprisonment in Denmark for a wide range of drug charges.
Henrik Lunk was sentenced for smuggling of five kilos of cocaine, 60 kilos of hashish, 1,5 kilos of amphetamine and finally 20.000 ecstasy pills from The Netherlands to Denmark. Furthermore, he was sentenced for a failed attempt to smuggle 200 kilo hash into Denmark.
The case against Henrik Lunk and several accomplices started when a badly tortured man was found walking around the Danish countryside. It turned out that the man had been tortured and humiliated for several days at a country house nearby. His executioners wanted to pressure him to write false checks to clear himself of a drug deal that had went wrong.
During the following trial, several others were sentenced to in some cases up to nine years in prison for their part in torturing the man and the drug charges. Among them was Henrik Lunks brother and father.
Henrik Lunk thought he could escape the Danish police by moving to Thailand, but in 2004 he was arrested by the police in Thailand, where he staid until March this year. During his years in Thailand, he became notorious for his unpleasant personality among the people who had to visit him.
According to his lawyer, Anders Boelskifte, who spoke to ScandAsia in September 2006, his clients was fighting to stay in Thai prison so that his girlfriend could come to visit him. But Danish police suspected, he didn’t want to face his fellow accomplices in Denmark and explain where the money came from, which he spent in Thailand until he was arrested.

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