Vestas In New Partnerships

Danish Vestas
Technology R&D are preparing new research partnerships, including
Nanyang Technological University, National
University of Singapore and
Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

   Located at
Singapore’s newly launched Fusionopolis – an iconic science and technology
powerhouse that brings scientists, engineers and technology experts from public
research institutions and the private sectors under one roof – Vestas’ regional
R&D hub will embrace high quality technology research, new component and
sub-system development, as well as innovation in product development to
maximize wind turbine performance, product reliability, and reduction in wind
energy cost.

begun operations here in the second half of 2007, Vestas Technology R&D
wasted no time in identifying and driving new collaborations with research
institutions and Universities. The company has since established three local
Master Research Agreements with Singapore varsities, namely Nanyang
Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). In addition, two regional
Master collaboration agreements have also been inked with Tsinghua
University in Beijing,
China, and the Cooperative
Research Council (CRC) based in Melbourne,
. These
range from working with NTU on advance composites development, NUS on material
fatigue studies, CRC on applied research in sensor technology, as well as
further research and development programmes underway.

December 2008, this R&D facility will house over 100 researchers and
engineers holding PhDs and Engineering Masters from 16 nationalities. Next
year, the R&D facility will continue to grow and exceed its target of 150
engineers in 2009, doubling this community to over 300 R&D engineers by 2012.

Only in its
first year, the Asia R&D Hub has already experienced a fast ramp-up. Prior
to the opening ceremony today, Vestas announces that it will make the most of Singapore’s
dynamic research environment and pool of talent so as to develop synergies in
other multi-disciplinary science and technology areas through external industry

   “Drawn to
Singapore’s culture and reputation for research and innovation, robust
intellectual property laws, ethical frameworks and governmental support for the
industry, Vestas is confident of leveraging our new R&D Hub to consolidate
our leadership position globally, and to propel our growth in Asia, where the
role of wind energy in powering the world’s long-term energy sustainability is
increasingly being recognised,” says Finn Strøm Madsen, President, Vestas
Technology R&D.

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