15 Danes On Pushbikes In Siem Reap

What an amazing sight. 15 Danish tourists, travelling with Regionrejser, on their rented pushbikes, moving from the centre of Siem Reap all the way to the outskirts of the very same town, to visit a very unusual attraction, namely a Danish Danida / ADDA agricultural development project for women in need of a better life.
   “Our guest had heard about the story we can tell, that’s why they came by”, says Helge Brunse, the head of the ADDA project. He continues:
   “The visitors were particularly interested in how the living conditions are for farmers in The Siem Reap province and how this can be improved”. and by what means.
   The guest got a briefing about the project’s main objectives and the way we work: Help to be able to help them self’s. And agricultural training through the field school principle, a FAO concept developed in the 1980s to promote increased production ability of farmers in developing countries.
   The visitors were particularly interested in the women’s groups formed after the end of a field school in order to build a micro-credit system for poor women and also strengthen their role in society and the environment around them.
   “We have had several visits of groups of tourist here. It is fantastic to be able to share and talk about ADDA work in Cambodia and get support for our work from our Danish compatriots, while spreading the knowledge and philosophy as we work on through our projects. It’s obvious that they actually get something in return for their efforts to come by”, says Helge Brunse.

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