SAS Opens Its Doors At Suvarnabhumi

The inspection included a briefing by the SAS airport manager, a survey of SAS’ check-in rows and the Star Alliance lounges.
   The highlight of the day was the onboard inspection of the SAS A330-300 which had been made ready for its return flight to Copenhagen. The visitors tried out the Economy, Economy Extra and Business Class seats.
   The visiting agents particularly enjoyed stretching out on the spacious blue 170° reclining sleeper seats in Business Class. Cabin crew displayed actual meal samples.
   For many, the highlight was sitting in the pilot’s seat in the cockpit. SAS General Manager and Director for Southeast Asia, Mr Hakan Olsson, who joined both inspections, said:
   “Seeing is believing. We tell agents about SAS’ commitment to technology, design, comfort and Scandinavian hospitality all the time. But today, without actually flying to Europe with us, they felt it for themselves. Many of them are now much more confident and better informed to sell seats for us.”   

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