Indonesian Girl, 16, Missing In Sweden

Police in Sundsvall have issued a nationwide alert for a 16-year-old Indonesian girl who has been missing since Saturday afternoon. The girl, referred to by police only as Regina, came to the northern town as a refugee in September and was placed in a centre for lone refugee children in the town’s Granloholm district.
   On Saturday, the girl said she was going to Kulturmagasinet, a meeting place in the town centre, to leave a book back to the library.
   Staff at the centre raised the alarm when she failed to return.
   Police said they had no reason to believe a crime had been committed and were treating the girl’s disappearance as a missing person case.
   In a statement to the media, police said somebody had used the girl’s travel card and returned a book in her name to the local library shortly after midday on Saturday, but there were no witnesses to confirm whether the girl herself had handed in the book.
   The Migration Board has issued the girl with a bank card, but police could not yet say whether it had been used since Saturday.
   Regina is 1.55 metres tall (5’1”) and has black, shoulder-length hair.
   At the time of her disappearance she was wearing a black woolly hat and a chunky, black, thigh-length jacket with a large collar.
   Regina arrived in Sweden alone on September 26th and applied for asylum. She was soon granted a place at the support centre in Sundsvall.
   She told the authorities that her parents were dead and she had grown up in simple circumstances in her grandmother’s care.
   Regina also explained to staff at the Migration Board that an unidentified man had smuggled her from Indonesia to Sweden. Upon arrival in Sweden, he drove her to Sundsvall and dropped her off outside the Migration Board offices.

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