Drilling And Well Seminar Held In Bandung

A drilling and wellservice seminar was organized in Bandung 10 – 12 November, as a joint effort by the Indonesian and Norwegian governments. The 3 day seminar was attended by 155 people, and addressed general awareness issues around the theme, drilling equipment and services as well as completion and well services.
   The seminar on “Drilling and Well service” was organized by BPMIGAS together with PETRAD – The
International Programme for Petroleum Management and Administration, INTSOK – Norwegian Oil and Gas
Partners and the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP).
   During the seminar drilling systems, tools and services, as well as completion- and well service
technologies were covered. Elements of High Pressure High Temperature drilling and completions were also included.
   Well construction is one of the most significant cost elements when developing oil and gas fields offshore and
in particular in deep water. Therefore good and accurate knowledge and appropriate tools is of utmost
importance for successful drilling and completion operations.
   The 3 day seminar was attended by 155 people, half of them from Production Sharing Contractors. It was very well received both by the Indonesian side as well as the the 10 presenting INTSOK Partners, who found the seminar venue conducive to business development.

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