Bangkok Airport to Be Evacuated of Passengers

At Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok the situation is nowhere close to being solved. Consequently, the Airport Authorities are  arranging evacuations for the tourists.

“Don’t worry, we have hotels for everyone,” they are saying to the tourists who have been stuck at the airport all night long. 

According to ScandAsia’s reporter the decision to evacuate the whole airport could indicate that the situation later on today and tonight is going to get very serious between the demonstrators and the police.

PAD, People’s Alliance for Democracy, still refusing to budge until the prime minister unconditionally resigns:
‘”We will gather at the airport unitl Prime Minister Somchai resigns,” PAD spokesman Panthep Wongpuapan says, repeating the words of PAD leader Sondhi Limthongkul.

All morning Swedish and Norwegian embassies have dispatched staff to Bangkok Airport to help stranded tourists. Danish Embassy still considering what to do. 
On Wednesday morning, the day after the occupation of Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, all flights were cancelled and the airport staff that abandoned their tations last night failed in many cases to report to work.
However, there are still passengers stranded at Bangkok International Airport, many of them Scandinavians. That is why the airport is now being emptied.

The Norwegian and Swedish Embassy have each sent out two Embassy staff to help the tourists.
    “People have been calling me all night long from Norway to make sure that their family and friends at the airport are ok,” Birgit Brandenberg, Norwegian Embassy councellor told ScandAsia’s reporter Gregers Møller, whoi had camped out in the airport to witness the development of the situation.
    Now, the Norwegian embassy has two staff members plus a driver at the airport looking for the stranded tourists.
    “Please tell the Norwegians who read this to call their relatives at the airport and tell them that we are out there looking for them,” she says to ScandAsia.     The Danish Embassy has not sent any help to the airport yet.
    “We are working on a solution and we are in contact with the other Scandinavian Embassies,” Tove Wihlborg-Andersen, Consular Attaché Head of section at the Danish Embassy says.
    The Swedish Embassy in Thailand were the first Scandinavian Embassy to send out their staff.
    “We have two people out at the airport. Our main goal is to find those who have checked-in and went through immigration already,” says Jan-Olof Ahlenius, Counsellor Administrative and Consular Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden.
    First, the Swedish Embassy needs to locate the Swedes at the airport and then to get them out of the airport since every flight has been cancelled.
    The Australian and American Embassy also have their Embassy staff at the airport to help their countrymen.


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