HRH The Crown Prince Followed Schedule in Spite of Demonstrations

Wednesday morning a motorcade took off from Oriental Hotel. In a long row of cars with press, businessmen, the Danish Ambassador and of course a lot of police, HRH the Crown Prince drove outside of Bangkok to visit three different companies. It had been unknown all night whether or not the political situation would force the Crown Prince to cancel his schedule. However he was able to carry on as agreed and no sign of any political turmoil appeared.

Appealed the frogman
The first stop of the motorcade was at VIKING Life-Saving Equipment in Laem Chabang. A lot of the different equipment was demonstrated to the Crown Prince and the rest of the audience.
 The Crown Prince seemed very interested in the different equipment and he asked many questions on how it worked, and if they used the same kind of material as he knew from his time as a frogman. 
 “Do you know this?” He asked one of the other guests showing him a bag of food rations.
 Lay Diderichsen, Managing Director at VIKING Asia, was very pleased with the royal visit.
 “It means a lot to us on a local base. The Royals are really important in Thailand and therefore it means a lot to the local society that HRH the Crown Prince visits us,” he says smilingly.
Also the Crown Prince himself was in a great mood.
 “He looks tired,” he said jokingly about a model doll placed in a lifeboat, and that line caused laughter among the guests.

Cutting ribbons
Visit number two was at the Inauguration of a Model Home by EnergiMidt at Horseshoe Point. The Eco Village is made with support from Danida. The low energy housing project is designed to demonstrate a minimum energy savings on 40 %.
 The Crown Prince seemed enthusiastic about the results from the eco village. 
 “How many watt do we typically use in Denmark,” he asked with interest.
 At the end of the visit he was asked to perform the inauguration of the Model Home. This would not be his last unaugeration this day.
At his third and final visit HRH The Crown Prince went to DZ Card. It has been eleven years since he last visited the company. At that time in 1997 it was to cut the ribbon for the second expansion of the DZ factory in Bang Plee just outside of Bangkok. 
 This time he was invited to preside over the foundation stone ceremony for the fourth expansion. At the same time the company celebrated its 25 years anniversary in Thailand.
 Because The Crown Prince already had seen the factory many years ago, this visit focused on the company’s values and the Founder Jørgen Schmidt showed him his collection of paintings and other art pieces. In addition a lunch had been prepared for the entire delegation.
 “Your Royal Highness cannot imagine how proud you make the entire DZ family to participate in this lunch for you and your delegation,” the Founder said and continued:
 “Words cannot express our feelings, but I hope Your Royal Highness can feel the warm atmosphere and respect for your great personality.”
 After the stone ceremony the motorcade returned to Bangkok, where HRH the Crown Prince will be going to a Charity Dinner tonight together with HRH The Crown Princess. The dinner will also be attended og HRH Princess Soamsawali Kitiyakara and HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha. The Charity Dinner supports diabetes awareness and treatment in Thailand.

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