Swedish Help To Figth Corruption

The Vietnamese Government has again strongly demonstrated its resolve to combat corruption and ensure transparency by a variety of means through its organisation of the fourth anti-corruption dialogue with donors and international organisations, held in Hanoi on Nov. 28.
  The dialogue, on the theme of “the role of the media in preventing and
combating corruption”, attracted approximately 200 delegates from
relevant Vietnamese agencies and media organisations, as well as
representatives of donors and international organisations.
   Chairman of the Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Steering Committee Vu Tien Chien told the participants that “the State apparatus of Vietnam regards the fight against corruption as its key duty.”
   He placed particular emphasis on the Political Bureau’s recent adoption of a resolution stressing the need to develop a “mechanism to protect those who detect, report, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate corrupt practices”.
   Government Inspector General Tran Van Truyen said that Vietnamese agencies are targeting their battle against corruption at specific areas, trying to bolster the confidence of the people in the Government’s determination to fight this menace.
   Rolf Bergman, the Ambassador for Sweden, who co-hosted the event, said “Sweden and other international friends have applauded many of the initial efforts by the Vietnamese Government to bring about a public sector where there would be no or little room for corruption.”
   “Sometime corruption is referred to as a war that has to be won. But this war is probably more challenging than any other – because the enemy is firmly placed within your own ranks,” the ambassador said.
   “That is why Governments and States cannot reduce corruption without strong support from various players in society: civil society organisations, the media, the private sector and individuals all have a crucial role to play,” he noted.
   The dialogue was co-organised by the Government Inspectorate, the Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Steering Committee, the Ministry of Information and Communication, and the Swedish Embassy.
   Representatives from Transparency International in Thailand were in attendance to share their valuable experiences at the dialogue.

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