Finnair’s scheduled flights to Bangkok to resume Thursday night

Places on this week’s Bangkok flights can be reserved primarily by the original passengers of the flights, but there is also space on the flights for new reservations. Passengers wishing to make a reservation on these flights, are requested to contact Finnair telephone sales, number +358 600 140 140.
Finnair will fly to Phuket Wednesday and Thursday at 16.05 and Thursday morning at 06.05. There is still space on the flights. The remaining passengers in Thailand will be flown home on the return flights from Phuket. The final flight from Phuket will fly to Helsinki on 5 December.
The passengers of flights cancelled during last week will be carried from Thailand to Finland and elsewhere in Europe by the beginning of next week.
Thailand scheduled flight timetables for the coming days
Thursday 4 December
Departure from Helsinki to Phuket 06.05
Departure from Helsinki to Phuket 16.05
Departure from Helsinki to Bangkok 23.55
From Friday onward, Thailand traffic will operate according to published timetables
Departure from Helsinki 20.15, in Bangkok 10.50 +1
Departure from Helsinki 23.55, in Bangkok 14.35 +1
Departure from Bangkok 00.35, in Helsinki 06.25
Departure from Bangkok 12.35, in Helsinki 18.25

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