SAS resumes traffic to Bangkok today

During the blockade of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, Scandinavian Airlines rerouted flights to U-tapao and Phuket airports in order to get customers out of Thailand. SAS managed to bring over 1,000 passengers home using alternative airports in Thailand. SAS also managed to co-operate with the Thai authorities and offer check-in, passport control and security checks at the Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok for the flight departing U-tapao.

The next flight from Stockholm to Bangkok, SK975, will operate as scheduled tonight Thursday, with departure time from Stockholm 20.20 CET. The flight will arrive in Bangkok 12.35 ICT, 05 December.

The next flight from Copenhagen to Bangkok, SK973, with scheduled departure 22.50 CET, 04 December, will be postponed to depart Copenhagen 05.55 CET, 05 December. The flight will arrive in Bangkok, 22.30 ICT, 05 December. The flight has been postponed to avoid congestion at Bangkok airport.

The first scheduled SAS departure from Bangkok to Stockholm, SK976, will operate as scheduled 05 December, with departure time from Bangkok 14.25 ICT.

The first scheduled SAS departure from Bangkok to Copenhagen, SK972, will operate as scheduled 06 December, with departure time from Bangkok 00.25 ICT.

Passengers originally booked and confirmed on SAS flights from 5 December remain confirmed on their flight. Those passengers do not need to reconfirm or contact SAS.

SAS are currently rebooking stranded passengers from cancelled flights onto those flights departing this weekend. Those passengers will be contacted by SAS when seats and flights are confirmed.

Contact number for SAS passengers in Thailand: +66 2661 6111.
Contact numbers for SAS passengers in Europe: Denmark 7010 2000; Norway 05400;
Sweden 0770-727 727. For other countries, please visit for the
local sales office number.

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