DTCC: The Big Danish Christmas Lunch

By Annelene Højvang Larsen and Rikke Bjerge Johansen

The Danes and other members of the Danish-Thai Chamber (DTCC) were in good spirits Thursday 4. December when they arrived at the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bangkok for a traditional Danish Christmas lunch. The DTCC hosts many events, including over 30 this year, but this is the one everyone looks forward to the most.
 “I must admit that I have been looking forward to duck and ris a’la mande for quite some time,” says Jannik Lofdahl, an individual DTCC member.
 And he and the other 119 guests were not let down. The Cabbages and Condoms restaurant was filled with Christmas decorations and lights and only the sun and the heat reminded the guests they weren’t back in Denmark. However, they could easily forget when they tasted the food. The Admiral’s Pub and Restaurant provided the delicious Danish Christmas food and nothing was missing on the table. It was a buffet with everything and more; of course, accompanied by plenty of beer and schnapps.
DTCC Executive Director Gert Nisted welcomed everyone and later a lucky draw was held, with new DTCC members Nishaville sponsoring the main prize. To complete the Christmas event Thai children from an orphanage sang Christmas carols. 
Nobody left the restaurant hungry and the lunch proved to be perfect preparation for the upcoming Christmas eve. 

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