Asia Clinches Royal Trophy over Europe

Asia clinched its first Royal Trophy match play tournament against Europe on Sunday, winning three of eight singles matches and halving another for a 10-6 victory.
Europe could not make up for Asia’s dominance in foursomes and fourball, and Asia earned a convincing win after losses in the 2006 and 2007.
“For Asia to beat Europe, we can show something to the golfing world as we are always No. 3 behind America and Europe,” South Korea’s S.K. Ho said.
“Now that we’ve beaten Europe, it’s time for us to move up.”
The Europe players partly blamed their defeat on lack of match practice following the offseason.
“That’s what we have to be prepared to face when we come up against Asia rusty,” Denmark’s Søren Hansen said and continued:
“We have to be ready and prepared, that’s the way it is now.”


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