Norwegian Salmon – From the North Sea to Asia on Less Than 24 hours

 A massive effort from local salmon distributors have now resulted in a weekly express flight with about 60 ton of fish directly to Asia.

The salmon cooperation from Troms in the northern part of Norway has landed an agreement with Korean Air, which makes a weekly trip to the local Kallax Airport to get fresh supply of the Norwegian speciality directly to Seoul – Only a short distance away from Singapore, one of the biggest purchasers of North Sea salmon in the world.     

“Compared with the other routes we save about a day on transportation – if we prepare the fishes during the night they can be in Asia less than 24 hours after they are caught” says the marketing director of the salmon-cooperation Juliane Fjell Benbow.

Because of the use of raw fish in the Asian cooking, the time perspective in the distribution of the salmon is very important, so the cooperation have high expectation for the potential of the new agreement.    

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