Thailand, Laos and Norway is the World’s Best Destinations

The travel guide Lonely planet, which by many are regarded the ultimate bible for young travellers, has composed a top ten list of the world’s greatest travel destinations. Not surprisingly Southeast Asia – a long term favourite region for a large amount of adventure-craving citizens of the world if you look at the annual number of tourists in the area.

With a position as number five Thailand holds the highest ranking on the list in Southeast Asia, It is the small island of Koh Tao that has caught the eye of the travel guide, which calls the island close to the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand a diver’s paradise.

The Nam Ha national park in the northwestern part of Laos holds a seventh place. The huge rainforest receives excellent recommendations by the guide – especially because of the regions strong focus on nature-preservation and eco-tourism.      

A less predictable candidate to the list of best travel destinations on the planet is Svalbard in Norway. The world’s most northerly populated area is regarded the most beautiful polar districts of the planet, because of the fantastic sights – along with polar bears and tax free alcohol – places the Norwegian arctic island number nine on the list.   

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