Orangutans Seek Swedish Valentines

Twelve young handsome Indonesian orangutans advertise for new partners in Swedish newspapers these days.

To higher the attention of the endangered monkeys of Borneo has the organisation Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) in Sweden has celebrated Valentines Day be inserting contact adds in several newspapers – where the threatened, and supposingly lonely, monkeys seeks for new donors to the small NGO.

“Right now there are about 1000 monkeys in desperate need of rehabilitation, especially among the orphans. We help them by teaching them basic skills for surviving on their own and by buying land in the forests on Borneo, so it wouldn’t be used for agriculture or plantations” says the Swedish General Secretary for BOS Pernilla Svenberg.

The population of orangutans decreases by about 5000 every year on Borneo. With an estimated number of 40000 monkeys on the Indonesian island, the orangutans face extermination within a few years.

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