Indonesian and Swedish Cities Team Up to Manage Waste

The city of Palu on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is set to forge a partnership with the city of Boras in Sweden to manage waste.

Boras municipality has assigned three representatives, one from the Boras administration and two from Boras University, to conduct a field study before initiating the project, including observing the waste management system in Palu. Palu municipality will then draft a proposal and present it at the workshop in Yogyakarta. Boras municipality has also forged a partnership with the Yogyakarta provincial administration.

The visit has resulted in Boras municipality giving a positive response to Palu’s waste management model.

Waste and how it is managed is one of the most pressing issues in Palu. Palu municipality is making efforts to turn waste into methane. It previously signed an agreement with PT Global Eko Rescue in Jakarta for this purpose.

According to the plan, the waste-based methane production will commence soon. The plant is located near the city’s main landfill in Kawatuna subdistrict in East Palu district, where 40 gas digesters will be built to gather methane. The 15-meter-deep digesters can process 394,706 cubic meters of gas annually.

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