Swedes smallest spenders of Scandinavian tourists

Most economical of all or simply stingy?
Call it what you like, Swedish tourists are most careful among Scandinavians with their expenditures when holidaying in Thailand.
     The average Swedish tourist spent exactly 2,881.97 baht per day on their Thai holiday last year, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s, TAT, statistical yearbook 2002.
     Norwegians were more willing to part with their money and took the top Scandinavian spot with daily expenditures of 3,262.32 baht.
     The Danes are not far away, they threw out 3,107.28 baht a day.
In terms of days in Thailand all three Scandinavian countries averaged a fortnight.
     Only Germans, at 2,855.85 bath, and the Dutch at 2,761.36 baht, spent less per day than the Swedes of all European tourists to Thailand 2002.
     And world wide only Laotians traveled on tighter budgets in Thailand, paying 2,580.60 baht a day.

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