WWF Denmark Uncovers Whereabouts of Filipino Sharks

Because of a photo-id project, funded by WWF Denmark the whereabouts of the whale shark outsade the coast of Donsul in Sorsogon – the largest known annual congregation of whale sharks in the world – is revealed. The satellite-supported project has shown that although some sharks swim out of the country at season’s end as expected, a great number of sharks actually stay at the archipelago all year.
For several years WWF has been working with the people of Donsol, continuously improving a unique ecotourism program that allows visitors to snorkel with these giants of the sea.
Over the last six years, visitor records reveal that 95 percent of tourists that flock to Donsol in the season that runs from December to mid-May, actually get to interact with whale sharks – an remarkable record.  The greater majority of tourists report up to six interactions in just a single morning. From being an economic laggard in the Bicol Region, Donsol’s fortunes have risen where it is now regarded as the chief tourist attraction of this Region, at the southern tip of the island of Luzon.


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