Danmark Refuses to Ban Illegal Filipino Workers

The estimated 110,000 undocumented Filipinos in Europe are expected to face harder times as employers there were told not to hire illegally staying third-country nationals due to a new EU directive. Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, which have not indicated their intention to participate, will not be covered by the directive.
The EU’s Employer Sanctions Directive, expected to take effect in spring and become enforceable in the 27 member-states on or before summer 2011, requires all employers to verify the status of their foreign employees via their residence permit or other authorization to stay, and notify the authorities.If employers fail to do this, they face fines—including costs of returning illegally staying foreigners—repayment of outstanding wages, taxes and social security contributions and administrative measures like loss of subsidies, among others.
Vice President Jacques Barrot, EU commissioner responsible for justice, freedom, and security, said this new directive addresses the pull factor of the migration process.
“The ease of finding illegal work in EU member-states is a main driving force behind illegal immigration from third countries,” he said.

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