Danish Ambassdor in Indonesia Appointed ASEAN-Ambassador

Denmark’s ambassador to the Association of South East Asian Nations the Danish ambassador to Indonesia Børge Petersen, who resently presented his letter of appointment to ASEAN Secretary-General Director Surin Pitsuwan, has become the 7th ambassador from the European Union to the organization.
“I hope Ambassador Petersen’s appointment will bring about a new dimension to ASEAN-Denmark relations. In particular, Denmark has a strong tradition of sustainable development, social justice and humanitarian concerns. There are a lot that can be shared and exchanged for the purpose of ASEAN integration and community building”, Surin Pitsuwan said.
The EU has announced that all 27 member states and the European Commission will appoint Ambassadors to ASEAN. So far, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the European Commission have appointed their Ambassadors to ASEAN.



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