Danish worms go to Malaysia

The Danish movie Disco Worms is to be released in Malaysia. The Malaysian movie-distributor KRU Studios’ first movie distribution, Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms (Disco Worms for short), will be released simultaneously in Malaysia and Brunei on Thursday, and in Singapore, the following month.

Originating from Denmark, Disco Worms was directed by Thomas Borch- Nielsen, an up-and-coming director who has won several awards in Europe.

“We chose Disco Worms as our first international distribution because it’s not aimed at a specific market but is suitable for all, including adults,” said KRU Studios Group chief executive officer Norman Abdul Halim.

Disco Worms depicts the story of a young earthworm, Barry, who is fed up with his life. Considered a loser by other animals in the backyard, Barry wishes that he had never been born a worm. His life changes when he comes across an old disco record and the “Boogie” enters his body. From that moment on, he just can’t stop dancing. He wonders if this is a sign that his life is about to get more exciting. Together with his friends — Gloria on vocals, Tito (bass), Donna (drums) and Jimmy (guitar) — Barry forms the Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms band to enter a contest that will be broadcast live to the whole backyard. Everything is going well until Barry remembers that worms can’t dance…

The movie is also planned to be released in Singapore later this year.

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