Swede advises increased public access to information in Vietnam

State authorities should establish a mechanism to automatically and actively provide important information to people, according to a conference held in the capital yesterday.
Mats Ottosson, the Swedish embassy’s controller and programme officer for research co-operation, said that in his country, state agencies had to supply documents requested by an individual the same day the request was made. How to ensure State agencies publicise information is a challenge for lawmakers, according to director of the Ministry of Justice’s Department of General Affairs in Legal Development Le Thanh Long.

“The efficiency of the law depends on an equal relationship between the State and its citizens,” he said.

State officials’ sense of responsibility in supplying information must be changed, he said.

The State must prepare facilities and training courses as well as dissemination programmes, which is why the law is not expected to come into effect until July 1, 2013, said deputy director of the ministry’s Department of Penal and Administrative Legislation Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa.


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