Swedish men arrested for paedophilia in Pattaya

On the 12th May 2009 Pattaya police arrested three men (two Swedish and one British), all in their 60s, on charges of sexually abusing minors. The Police Colonel Suwitpol Imjairat, Deputy Commissioner of CWD (the Children, Juvenile and Women Division of the Crime Suppression Division of the Central Investigation Bureau) and his team announced the arrest of three men, charged with molesting a child under the age of 15.
The arrests were part of a joint investigation, codenamed “Snapper”, carried out by the Royal Thai police and the Scandinavian and European authorities.The police said the suspects had been under surveillance since April 2009. They had abused a total of 7 boy victims (all under 15) before an arrest warrant was requested from the Pattaya court. Police also said they had evidence to arrest another 7 suspects, mostly of Swedish nationality, and a Thai man who procured the young boys. Two suspects have managed to escape from Thailand. One tourist and the Thai man named “Pan” (real name unknown) are being hunted by the police.

The head of Thailand’s Child Protection Division, Police Major General Chaiwat Gaetworachai, said “These men have abused many children in the Pattaya area.” He added that officers had confiscated sex toys, still and video cameras, computers and a photo album of naked children during the arrests.

The suspects had co-operated with the police but further details could not be given until the cases had been filed with the prosecutors – If found guilty, the men faces up to 20 years in jail.


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