Constitution and EU-parliament election on the Danish Embassies until June the 4th

On June 7, 2009, Denmark elects its members to the European Parliament and a referendum on changes to the constitution regarding succession to the throne. Danes abroad can participate in the election by postal votes on the nearest embassy until June the 4th.

Citizens of Denmark who are temporarily abroad, may vote by absentee ballot at Danish diplomatic and consular missions abroad. Every Danish embassy in the south-eastern region is open for postal votes from Danish citizen – who is listed on the national election list – with valid passports.

Denmark is currently represented by fourteen members of the European Parliament, but after the European Parliament elections of 2009 it will be represented by thirteen members due to the new structure. The EU-membership covers the EU member state of Denmark, but not the Faroe Islands and Greenland which are not part of the EU.

Further information on postal voting can be found on

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