Norway: Malaysian O&G industry has potential

Norway sees vast potential in the local oil and gas (O&G) industry with Norwegian companies looking to set up operations in the country, said Norway’s ambassador to Malaysia Arild Braastad.
“There are signs that Norwegian companies want to establish themselves, especially in the O&G support services industry in the country. We also see business opportunities for Norwegian companies in the defense, aquaculture, maritime and energy intensive industries -In fact, there are four Norwegian companies – in the O&G and software business – looking for local partners to set up operations in the country,” he told StarBiz in a recent interview.
Braastad said Norwegian O&G companies have the competence, products and services that would fit into the local O&G industry’s development into deepwater exploration and production activities because most of the O&G activities in Norway took place offshore.
Nine Norwegian companies will take part in the 12th Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Exhibition 2009 from June 10 to 12 as an opportunity to network and promote their products and services.
“Malaysia will be the top country in South East Asia in terms of business opportunities and investments for Norway,” Arild Braastad added.


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