Aks Ammundsen Has Passed Away

Aks Ammundsen passed away very peacefully on June 21th 2009. Aks came to Thailand in 1979 when she married her former teenage boy friend Dr.Einar Ammundsen. Both he and Aks had been married before, but her husband and his wife had both died – and then they found back together again.
As a team – and indeed also individually – Aks and Einar Ammundsen played a major role in the life of the Scandinavian community in Thailand through the seventies, eighties and nineties.
Eventually, in 1995 Einar retired from his medical practice in Bangkok and the couple moved back to Denmark, which Einar had left shortly after the Second World War.
On March 7th 1999 Einar Ammundsen sadly died from lung cancer. But Aks remained as fresh and bright as she was during her years in Bangkok.
Her son, Lars Ullitz shares with us his mother’s last week end final departure.
“Just a little more than a week ago she was sitting in her chair and we had good and delightful conversations, – especially talking about old days. By then you still could find the smile on her face and the lovely twinkle in her eyes,” Lars Ullitz writes in an email to Captain Hans Einar Fugl-Svendsen, who was one of Aks and Einar’s many friends and the most loyal to keep in touch with the couple after they moved to Denmark..
“The last week things went rapidly downhill, but in a peacefully and dignified manner,” he continues.
“Fortunately she was not hospitalized but stayed at the nursing home, where she knew the staff by face and by voice. She obviously felt very reassured that way and was treated with both love and care by the staff.”
“The last days of her life she was surrounded by family and friends.”
“Mostly asleep, we now and then managed a short conversation; not with many words, but with reactions and a sort of concentration in her eyes. She couldn’t see much, but she still could hear.”
“At one moment I took a picture on her desk. I believe you remember this particular picture: Photographed at Sataban Saeng Sawang, Aks with a little child on her arms. Cheek to cheek. The child looking at the photographer, – Aks looking at the child, smiling.”
“I showed Aks the picture. She couldn’t see it clearly, but I described it to her. Instantly a smile came on her face and her eyes were filled with tears. A happy remembrance. I will never forget what Sataban Saeng Sawang meant to my mother.”
Aks passed away peacefully, dignified and without pain.
Her funeral will take place at Ordup Kirke, Charlottenlund, Saturday, June 27th at 1300

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