Nokia: Philippines among the world’s biggest users in mobile e-mail usage


According to Nokia The Philippines a one big nation of good custumers. The country is now ranking the fifth-largest user of mobile e-mail in the world, according to a study made by Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

The survey was conducted only since May 2008, when Nokia launched the beta version of its Ovi Mail e-mail service. Nokia Philippines has high hopes that in three years, the country will be named the top user globally.

“I tell you. After being named as the texting capital of the world, the Philippines will soon be the mobile e-mail capital of the world,” said Nokia Philippines general manager William Hamilton-Whyte. “That is why Nokia’s phones will all be e-mail capable.”

To be the e-mail capital of the world, Filipinos should have access to e-mail capable devices. And the cheapest and most convenient way to access the Internet is via mobile phones, said Hamilton-Whyte. At present, Indonesia holds the title as the largest mobile e-mail-user, “but this is largely because of the size of its population,” he explained.


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