Philippine observers join Danish, Finnish, Swedish UN forces in Golan Height

The Philippines will be sending 336 Filipino peacekeepers to join the United Nation (UN) Peacekeeping force in the Golan Heights in Syria this September, the largest group to be sent since 2001. Philippine permanent representative to the UN and former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. said the Filipino peacekeepers will serve with the UN Disengagement Server Force (UNDOF) upon the invitation of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.
“In our own little way, we would help keep the peace in that part of the Middle East,” Davide said.
Three Filipino military officers will be joining around 40 military observers from Chile, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Korea, Sweden and Uruguay who are currently serving. The Philippines is currently the 30th largest contributor of peacekeepers in UN peacekeeping missions with 613 military and police peacekeepers serving in eight UN missions in Afghanistan, Cote dā€™ Ivoire, Georgia, Haiti, Liberia, Sudan and Timor Leste.


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