Prosperous Danish Network in Hua Hin

The Danish club has around 300 members, when it comes to background, opinions and reason to settle in Thailand we are very diverse, but we do have at least one major thing in common we all love to live in the Hua Hin area” the words comes from the 45 year old house-contractor with Danish roots, who recently took the consequence of the lack of a proper network among his fellow nationals in the area and established a club for the increasing number of new-coming Danes in the city.

Flæskesteg and good advises
The club is located in Kurt Frambos own home, a house he share with his wife Mary Jane Jumawan  and newly born daughter Sofie, in the mountains outside Hua Hin. The meetings and arrangements of the club takes place in the house – often accomplished by a wide verity of Scandinavian food in the small restaurant on the terrace.
We serve most Danish specialities and my wife Mary Jane, who was born in the Philippines, cooks most of the food. She especially masters the roasted pork, flæskesteg, so it tastes like it does in Denmark. Many Danes in Hua Hin are private people who move out here to relax, so most of them are not looking for a big social party scene as you see among the expats in other cities in Thailand. But most of them come to our restaurant for informal  social gatherings on a regular basis” he says. According to Kurt Frambo the increasing number of Danes in the city has led to an escalating need for a network.
It’s not as easy moving to Thailand as it seems, it requires an impressive amount of permissions and stamps, this can be rather confusing for new-comers, who aren’t fluent in neither Thai nor English. In the Danish club we try to ease these difficulties by sharing our experiences from Danish and Thai authorities, various suppliers, hospitals or schools with each other” he explains.

Learned the hard way
When it comes to personal experiences Kurt Frambo knows what he is talking about. He recently went though a successful operation on a local hospital, where the doctors treated him for cancer in his throat and in top of that currently is buried in the bureaucratic process of making little Sofie a Danish citizen like her father.
Where the Thai hospitalisation was a good and professional experience, but to my surprise the Danish system has turned out to be a much tougher nut to crack, I am quite astonished of the piles of paper, the amount of regulations and the number of different authorities I have to talk to define the nationality of my daughter ” Kurt Frambo tells. He now hopes that his many difficulties can turn into an advantage and benefit his fellow countrymen in Hua Hin.
I had my quarrying with the authorities and the Thai health system, and learned quite a bit of how things works, shot-cuts in the system and who to contact, information I would like to pass on to other Danes in a similar situation” he ads.   

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