DiGi CEO, on Green Energy in Malaysia: Incentives Not Enough.

Eight prominent business figures, among these Swedish CEO at DiGi Telecommunications, Johan Dennelind, concluded at a roundtable talk in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday that the Malaysian government should promote the use of green energy in order to contribute positively to sustain the environment.
But giving incentives alone is not enough in promoting green energy, Johan Dennelind stated. Which is why other regulations should come in place as a complement, he added. In context he mentioned a Swedish experience from the 90’s. Back then the Swedish government decided to allow energy prices to move towards market prices, reducing the coal and oil generated energy from 80 percent in the 70’s to 20 percent currently.
Another prominent industry player the chairman of Shell Malaysia, Saw Choo Boon, stressed the importance of promoting green energy, because going green isn’t a matter of possibility but something the nation must do, he said, while adding that fossil fuel would go into history after a few decades. Therefore, according to Saw Choo Bon, the Malaysian government should do away fuel subsidies as fuel should not be a cheap commodity. If the price went up there was a good chance of dropping the fuel consumption. 
In addition Ahmad Hadri Harris, National Project Leader of Malaysia Energy Center, informed that the development of green energy was likely to be incorporated into the Tenth Malaysia Plan, making the industry an important jobs creator.
The Malaysia Plan is a five year plan to develop the nation’s infrastructure, education, health care and etc for the well-being of the people as well as for the economy. Currently the Ninth Malaysia Plan is ongoing.


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