Singaporean Swede Launches Book in Manila Night Club

Frederik Härén is the charismatic Swedish lecturer and author of the international bestseller “The Idea Book”, which aims to “entice out ideas” and help people develop their creativity. And now he is the man behind a night club book release ass well.

The decision to launch his book at a club for the first time, the posh “Members Only” bar at The Fort in Taguig, is according to a testament to his penchant for doing things differently.

The event also proved, he said, how Filipinos ooze creativity and innovation, making the country a good spot for promoting his book.

Launched for the first time in the Philippines, “The Idea Book” is part-notebook, part-book. It has 150 pages of inspirational narratives, activities, and quotes; and 150 empty pages where readers can jot down their ideas whenever or wherever they arise.  


Designed to be like a discussion

“People should get a tool so they can think more about how they can develop creativity and keep on doing that. That’s what creative people do, they constantly question themselves…they’re never complacent,” he said.

Härén said the book is designed to be like a discussion, where both he and the reader have equal chances of airing their ideas. He said some readers have started companies or planned their dream weddings using “The Idea Book” as a tool.

All over the world, the response to his books and his inspirational talks has been phenomenal. In 2008, as he proudly relates, Härén sold 3,000 copies in Iceland, which is equivalent to around 1% of its population, in a month.

In the Philippines, Haren said he sold more books than the number of participants at his seminars last week. “Not like other countries, Filipinos buy books to give them away. So they buy a lot more. It’s great,” he said.

Seven versions of “The Idea Book”

Härén keeps hundreds of idea books where he scribbles ideas or notes when he interviews creative people around the world. He sifts through his notes and picks the most interesting stories to put in various editions of his “Idea Book.”

He has written 7 versions, including idea books for parents, customer service, and others. The book has been published in 9 languages.

Härén is also set to release a book called “The Developing World” about creativity in Asian nations, with Filipino painter Leon Araneta tapped to do the book’s cover art.

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