Sweden, Denmark help finance Vietnam’s legal reform

Sweden and Denmark have contributed in renovating Vietnam’s legal system by financing an almost US$5 million, seven-year legal reform project with respectively US$1,760,000 and US$460,000, a report on Viet Nam News says.
     The project – intended to help Vietnam finalise and the Justice Ministy implement its Legal System Development Strategy – was launched on September 4, 2003 by Vietnam’s Justice Minister Uong Chu Luu.
     The continuing support of international donors was necessary to law reform in Vietnam, the Vietnamese minister was quoted saying at the launch of the project.
     “National capacity and commitment were crucial to any success and this meant support from the international donor community was needed,” he said.
     The biggest supporter of this first-ever legal reform strategy in Vietnam is the United Nations Development Programme, which has provided a US$1,850,000 financing. The Vietnamese government has also allocated US$100,000 in cash to the project.
     Directed by Minister Luu, the project has been designed to renovate Vietnam’s legal system to build the rule of law and support the transition to a market-oriented economy and rapid international integration.

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