Cambodians Visit Pippi and the Astrid Lindgren House

Swedish Anna Mattsson who translated Pippi Longstocking into Khmer is to talk about what it is like to work with Pippi among schoolchildren in Cambodia, together with guests Khun Sovanrith, Pitch Proeung, Cheam Duong and Chay Kep Chhoeun.

“This evening fits very well into our ongoing Pippi exhibition,” says Anneli Karlsson, show producer on Astrid Lindgren’s house.


Pippi in Pippi

“In our exhibition Pippi in Pippi we have a starting point in how Pippi interpreted and depicted in various parts of the world. Wednesday evening program about Pippi in Cambodia allows the guests to really hear about Pippi’s importance in the world today,” Anneli Karlsson says.

Anna Mattsson is an author and translator and she gave 2008 a translation into Khmer of Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking, which resulted in quite a fuss in the Cambodian children’s book world.

The Cambodian people who have travelled to Sweden, is Khun Sovanrith, an artist and art teacher, worked at the organization Reyums art school for children and young people. Pitch Proeung is the founder of children’s organization “white elephants” and recipient of the Swedish Children’s Academy Driving Price 2009. Cheam Duong Chay is pedagogically responsible president and, like Kep Chhoeun as librarian, worked at Sala Sothearos, a government school in the slums of central Phnom Penh. The school is involved in an exchange program with workshops in visual arts and creative writing.


Wednesday night is collaboration between the library Vimmerby, Astrid Lindgren House, Academy of Culture and Arts in Mariannelund Nordica. The exhibition “Pippi in Pippi” runs until November 15 with the Cambodian touch.

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