Three Chambers May Rent the Swedish Church

The Danish-Thai, Thai-Swedish and Finnish-Thai Chamber of Commerce may become the new tenants of the Swedish Church Center on Sukhumvit Soi 33 when the Swedish Church’s lease runs out at the end of January next year.
On Wednesday 4 November, a delegation from dancham will visit the Swedish Church to have a look at the premises in order to figure out whether the place is suitable for an office building or not, says Vice President Søren Presmann from the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Presmann is not in a position to speak for the other chambers but he confirms that the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce is the initiator behind the idea of renting the building. Precisely what the chambers have discussed up until now he is reluctant to reveal since the chambers haven’t reached any agreement yet.
The Swedish-Thai Chamber of Commerce is not keen on the move, though, due to the size of the Swedish Church Center.
“Even for one chamber the place is too small,” says vice president Mr. Kenneth Radencrantz from the Swedish-Thai Chamber of Commerce.
“It is simply not possible for us to move our offices to this place,” he adds. Mr. Radencrantz has an in-depth knowledge of the premises because he has been a frequent visitor to the church for many years. 
On the other hand president of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce Mr. Peter Romhild believes that the villa on Sukhumvit Soi 33 is big enough for all three chambers. But at the same time he points out that the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce is looking at other locations as well. For instance they are looking into the possibility of staying in the building where they have their offices now as this place is located very well in terms of Skytrain and so on.
Mr. Peter Romhild expects the chambers to reach an agreement within a month.
The three Chambers have to move out from their present office building because the building is about to undergo a major renovation.

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