Swedish Businessman Murdered In Cambodia

Scandasia.com in Cambodia: A Swedish businessman visiting Cambodia has been murdered and his body dumped outside Phnom Penh, reportedly after he met a woman with whom he had corresponded online, national media reported Monday. The Swedish embassy in Phnom Penh confirmed the victim was Jan Ola Jordansson, 45.
 The Swede was the founder of “The Blue Frog” Guesthouse in Sihanoukville. More than a year a go, Jordansson was forced to sell the guesthouse, because he was a victim of a serious motorcycle accident in Sihanoukville.
 As Scandasia.com understands, he went back to Sweden to get the needed operations and care, but he still had an apartment, a motorcycle and other personal belongings in Sihanoukville.
 The embassy’s counsellor, Karl-Anders Larsson, said he believed Jordansson was visiting the country when he was killed, but had previously lived in Cambodia.
Larsson said the embassy was waiting for the results of the police investigation.
The Cambodia Daily newspaper reported Monday that Jordansson had died from blows to the back of his head and neck, and said his pockets had been emptied. His hotel room was also robbed. And furthermore, his safety box was emptied too.
Scandasia.com can after some investigations in the morning among resident Swedes in Sihanoukville inform, that the well respected Swede could have been trapped in a setup, involving a guest using a Nigerian passport.
Around 11.00 PM Thursday evening Jan Ola Jordansson was picked by a Cambodian woman, he knew from a dating site on the Internet. After the Swede had left his hotel with the women, the hotel staff saw a new guest, the Nigerian passport holder; enter the room belonging to the late Jan Ola Jordansson.
The Nigerian guest only stayed at the hotel five hours all together.
Police suggested that the victim had been killed elsewhere and then dumped at the scene. His body was discovered on Saturday.

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