Former Swedish Tourist Police Assistant Trainee caught in his home-made “Police Car”

In the early hours Police in Pattaya were made aware of a foreign man who was seen driving a White Pick-up fitted with emergency lights and a Police siren. Police pulled the vehicle over under the overpass leading to the Bali Hai Port at the south-end of Pattaya Third Road and spoke with the driver, Mr. Jan Ogeborg aged 47 from Sweden.

He appeared in a drunken state and produced an expired Tourist Police Assistant Trainee Badge and claimed he was under the care of a high ranking Police Officer. Mr. Ogeborg and the white Toyota Vigo were taken to Pattaya Police Station where it was revealed that Mr. Ogeborg failed to complete his training with the Tourist Police Assistants due to issues arising during the training period. It was also revealed that he had tried to re-join the group earlier this month without success. 

When asked why he was using the lights and siren, he claimed that he had no idea that the siren was on and was driving quickly so he could return home to take some medication. Police are now investigating Mr. Ogeborg further in conjunction with the Tourist Police who confirmed he left the assistant program in May 2009.

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