Finnish Tourist lucky to escape from serious road accident in Jomtien

On Tuesday Evening on the Sukumvit Road in Jomtien, Police and Fire Rescue Services were called to the scene of a road traffic accident which had just occurred and caused a motorbike to become engulfed in flames.

The driver of the motorbike was Mr. Erkki Antero Malninev aged 50 from Finland who sustained relatively minor injuries considering he was thrown from his bike which hit the rear of a stationary vehicle at the location. Mr. Malninev claimed that his bike was hit by a fast approaching car which failed to see him slowing down so he could undertake a u-turn maneuver.

The force of the rear-end collision caused the bike to slam into the rear of the stationary vehicle in front and Mr. Malninev was thrown from his bike onto the road. The bike then burst into flames and was completely destroyed. Security Cameras are now being checked so Police can identify the offending vehicle which left the scene of the crash before authorities arrived.

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