TV Show About Danish Phuket-Guides

Every Wednesday at 20.00 the Danish TV channel TV2 will show the new television series “Guides in Paradise” (“Guider I Paradis”). On the show TV 2 follows five young and lively Danes who are all working as guides on Phuket Island for six months.
Although it is not a holiday job being a guide in Thailand, it’s certainly a dream job for the five young people, whom the viewers can follow in 10 episodes, the first one starting tonight.
On the way they learn a lot about themselves as the job as tour guide is filled with challenges and responsibilities, needs and frustrations. And the guides have to learn how to handle difficult situations on their own.
The five main characters are 20-year old Anita Römer from Bornholm, Pernille Nielsen, 20, from Als, Maria Lorentzen, 24, from Højby, Susanne Hansen, 23, from Næstved and Tomas Lau Henriksen, 33, from Frederikshavn.

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