Danish Second-hand Shop Supports Cambodian Kids

2009 was a good year for the second-hand shop “LUMI-genbrug” in Agerskov. Compared with last year the turnover in 2009 rose by 17,000 Danish krones increasing the 2009-turnover to 659,000 krones.
“It makes us able to donate 500,000 krones to street kids in Cambodia and we are very glad about that,” says shop coordinator Aage Andersen to the Danish local newspaper Ugeavisen MidtSyd.
LUMI-genbrug, which supports LM’s (Luthersk Mission) projects in third world countries, has around 30 volunteers who help collect items and serve customers.
Aage Andersen explains that the shop still receives many things from people. “It is satisfactory, because it gives a good flow in the shop when there are new products on the shelves all the time,” he says.
The project that LUMI-genbrug has decided to support this year is the Sunshine Center in Phnom Penh – An organization in contact with some 100 children and young people.
At the center staff and LM’s missionaries work hard to ensure that street kids get the possibility to build their own future.
None of the kids have had the opportunity to go to school but at the center they can learn to read, write and calculate.
And if a child goes there faithfully for a month the family gets five kilograms of rice.

Source: Ugeavisen MidtSyd 19.01.2010

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