Corruption Not Popular in Scandinavia and Singapore

Four Scandinavian and one Southeast Asian country is in top 10 at the Corruption Index made by Transparency International.

The Scandinavian countries has a big tradition of not being corrupt at the latest Corruption Index shows the same trend.
Denmark is the second least corrupt country. Sweden number three. Finland number six. Iceland number eight.

Also Southeast Asia is represented at the Top 10 of the least corrupt countries in the world. Actually Singapore has a shared third place with Sweden.

But in general Southeast Asian countries does not appear at the top at the list, but at the bottom. In fact they are well represented at positions above 100.

Selected countries and positions at the Corruption Index
Norway 11
Malaysia 56
Thailand 84
Indonesia 111
Vietnam 120
Philippines 139
Cambodia 158
Laos 158
Myanmar 178

Download the full list

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